Keyword Search Terms

Current Club Keyword Search Terms

  • “30 minutes or less”
  • “5 ingredients or less”
  • baking
  • casserole
  • “chicken dump”
  • “comfort foods “
  • “cook from frozen”
  • frugal
  • healthy
  • Keto
  • “kid friendly”
  • “one pot”
  • pasta
  • precooked
  • “raw chicken”
  • “red sauce”
  • sandwich
  • “school lunches”
  • “sheet pan”
  • spicy
  • “stir fry”
  • tacos

Keyword Search

One helpful feature in the Club is the Keyword Search function on the Recipes page. It is sometimes necessary to be able to find recipes in a group besides just by protein or by cooking method.

How handy would it be to just see meals that you will need red sauce for when you’re making a big batch of it?

Kid friendly meals? Yes please!

Need to make some meals that are precooked or that you can cook from frozen? You got it!

Want to do a sheet pan marathon? Coming right up.

Using the Keyword Search Feature

While the Keyword Filter isn’t perfect, it helps to use a few tricks to make it more useful.

For example, if you use a keyword that is a phrase like “cook from frozen” or “raw chicken”, you’ll find that using quotation marks around the phrase will help pinpoint those meals.

Using the keyword “red sauce” without the quotation marks will bring up any recipe that has the word red in it and/or any recipe that has the word sauce in it. By putting the keyword phrase in quotation marks the program knows to look for “red sauce” recipes and will narrow down your search results better. Some extras still manage to sneak in there, but you’ll have less sorting to do on your own.

Keywords are also listed on every recipe. You can use the keyword “spicy” to find spicy recipes however if you are NOT interested in spicy recipes, you can see right near the top of the recipe the keywords that the recipe will be associated with. Chicken Tinga is quite spicy, while the Chili Glazed Chicken sounds spicy, but it’s not!

A portion of the Chicken Tinga recipe is shown and the keywords are hightlighted: comfort foods, healthy, raw chicken, spicy, tacos
A portion of the Chili Glazed Chicken recipe is shown with keywords highlighted: 30 minutes or less, chicken dump, raw chicken

If you have typed in your Keyword and you’re getting results that you didn’t expect, you may need to refresh your page, or back right out of the Recipes page to the Home page and go back in again to reset it.

At this time, you can only use one keyword at a time.

To Review

If it’s a single word, like pasta, you can go ahead and type it in. If you’re looking for something that’s two words or more, like “30 minutes or less”, then throw some quotation marks around it.

Occasionally we add more keywords, so check back once in a while to see what’s new.

We take pride in our recipes and our website and want to provide the best user experience possible for our Club members. The Keyword search function is just one example of that. We hope you find it helpful!

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