Is the Freezer Meal 101 Club Right for you?

Membership in the Club is right for you if…

Oh my gosh!! This is amazing!

The website is top notch and so easy to use. My daughter is extremely picky, so I cannot wait to save a plan with recipes she liked to make my life easier! 

Thank you! And thank you for making this so affordable!

I’m so glad I joined the Freezer Meals 101 Club!

Two more meals heading into the freezer. Yum! Getting great ideas for future freezer meals.

I have become addicted to freezer cooking!

It makes nights more smooth and way less stressful. My son absolutely loves the pizza wheels…I cannot make enough! The beef dip was so easy and tasted as if from a restaurant! The Dr Pepper pork was a hit! All the pasta dishes I have done are surprisingly delicious as freezer meals! Thank you for making life in my house easier!

Also, I wish I could make more at a time… cannot wait to have a larger freezer! 

Thanks for all y’all do!

Now you can “order” a delicious meal right from your freezer!

Freezer Meals 101 Club

Experience the freedom!


  • over 200 freezer meal recipes that taste amazing
  • new recipes added monthly
  • create and print custom shopping lists
  • printable labels
  • design custom meal plans
  • search by diet, ingredient, course, protein, cooking method, and more
  • change the number of servings in each recipe
  • full access to the Club library of printable meal plans, cookbooks, cheatsheets, and more
  • exclusive video library
I’m Sharla. Freezer meals have literally saved my sanity over the years. I’m a busy mom of 7.

Before I discovered the freedom of freezer cooking, I dreaded mealtime. Every day, 4:00 would roll around and I’d realize that I had once again forgotten to plan.

All my attempts at meal planning fell flat and I felt like a failure. My inability to feed my family well led to me feeling overwhelmed in other things as well. 

It felt like I was drowning.

The feeling of accomplishment and peace I feel when I open that freezer stacked with all those beautiful meals never gets old!

Freezer meals helped me gain control of my life again.

So it’s little wonder that I’m passionate about sharing my freezer cooking secrets with you. I want you to feel that same freedom and peace.


We have sorted through all the recipes we’ve tried over the years and only chosen the ones that our family approved. Many recipes didn’t make the cut. 
These meals are taste tested, full of variety, and delicious.

Everyone has different preferences and you may even have certain diet or allergy considerations. I get it. We’ve got allergies at our house too and my husband is on-again/off-again Keto. You can search the recipe library by diet, ingredients, cooking methods, and you can even search things like “kid friendly”.

While some of these freezer meal recipes are available for free on my website, others are exclusive to Freezer Meals 101 Club members, but that’s not what makes it worthwhile. Here, you’ll get access to features such as creating your own meal plans with your favourite recipes and printing custom shopping lists and labels to make freezer meal assembly days a breeze. 

If time is something you don’t have enough of, you can’t afford NOT to do this. Dinner freedom through freezer cooking is at your fingertips. 
The average home cook can save 30 hours a month by making freezer meals instead of cooking each day. That’s 360 hours a year!

Absolutely! The Club makes a great gift especially for new moms, busy moms, or seniors. Just email us at and we can get the account set up for the person you’re wanting to bless.